Sep 20, 2000

Niiiiiiice, he's six months old and we're worried about him getting expelled already? What a fussy boy! Oh well. Got home and he was all about the jumping and smiling and playing. Fun for us!
Got the dreaded "Eli should go home" call from daycare today. Seems he's rubbing his ear and has been screaming all morning and afternoon. Joy. Jill will probably get him and take him to the clinic, but it's really a hassle. Oh well, whatever it takes to make the little guy happy..

Sep 19, 2000

Played a bit of "bang on the table" with Eli yesterday. I thump my hand on the porch table and Eli, who is standing up leaning on the table, thumps his hand. Sometimes it seems like he's tapping out the same number as I am tapping, but it's really random. But he is indeed tapping after I tap. Pretty cool.
Got some more lomographs back. Nothing astounding enough to blow up, except maybe some night shots of sparklers. Lots of fun, though. Need to scan them in soon, before I build up a ridiculous number of pics and it becomes intimidating. Oops, too late!
Need new music.

Sep 17, 2000

Work on a Sunday. Joy. Watching Eli last night went well. A quiet night of TeeVee and playing Backyard Baseball -- only three games from the championships! New Pop will Eat Itself CD - rather, an old one. The Radio One Sessions, very simplistic sound from the sample masters. Very nice, in a mellow loud sort of way.