Nov 7, 2002

From PopBitch:

>> The Black Chin! <<
George, has it come to this?

Boy George appeared as David Bowie on a
recent celebrity Stars in Their Eyes.

In order to get a look somewhere near Bowie's
chiselled features, hard-pressed makeup staff
resorted to drawing a black shaded area on
George's pudgy round face.

Viewed from the right angle, the black chin
gave George the appearance of a sculptured

George was so taken by this look that he's
been experimenting with the same scary
black-chinned look when he goes out.


Nov 6, 2002

I was thinking it'd be cool to write an app (console, etc.) that goes through your hard drive and sets the archive bit on every other file, and clears it on the rest.

People should commission me to make these things like they commission artists to make paintings.