Aug 14, 2010

After You - Long Lake

Another Solo outing. Sadly, few pictures. Nice lake, going uplake was easy and fine. Wanted to see how far up the creek I could get. Made it to the first pool and it just got too shallow. It least now I know. :)

Downlake there were a lot more jetski and larger boats. Learned a lot about making it through wakes without slamming the hull into the next wave. Launch and retrieval went well for being alone.

Aug 11, 2010

After You - Bush lake

My first solo cruise. Took a bit to find the lake, but the landing was a nice one. No dock, but it was concrete and had fair parking for the size. Lake has a motor limit of 6hp, which is good to remember.

It was a beautiful Wednesday evening and I got out on my own. It was at the time of day when the lake it like glass. Hot, however.

This is a dinner cruise. sammich from SuperAmerica, some pop, and a candy bar stashed somewhere. If you don't finish the sandwich...

... you feed the ducks.

Once I reached the end of the lake (upwind) I slid into the lilypads, pulled up the motor, and just hung out a bit. It was really hot, but there was an awesome breeze through the cabin. The wind took me slowly out of the lilypads and I headed back downlake. It was so nice to have a spell of just drifting with the sound of the water around. Peaceful!

The flag hardly moved in the light breeze, but just enough. That's also my captain's chair - a thin bench which will someday get some sort of cushion. It's removeable and can be placed on either side of the cockpit and used as a step.

There were a lot of birds and it was fun to see them take off as I plowed (slowly) through their landing zone.

Another beautiful evening.

The thermometer on my "dash" is notoriously high, but I think this might have been one of the more accurate readings!

Motor plugged along the whole time with no issues even though it was quite hot.

Little boat, big landing.

Yup. Hot!