Sep 3, 2002

Back in '93 or so a friend clued me into the fact that "Mr. Cranberry" was playing at 1st Ave and that is was really the Suburbs. We got there just in time, as word leaked.

I have never before or since seen First Avenue so crowded, or have such a great vibe. Fun music - everyone was into it, etc. great show(s).

And they had a big searchlight pointing at the Schubert theatre with the Suburbs logo about 40 feet high. Really cool!
The Suburbs are coming! The Suburbs are coming! Yay!!!
Good weekend. Painted the trailer frame and stained the wood sides -- it really looks nice now. Great weather - had hot cold, dry, rain, windy, calm. Sometimes it's nice to get some variety. Tent leaked a bit, but no damage.
Remember the distributed web based storage system I was working on? i.e. chop a picture up into 100 pieces and save each piece in someone's cookie. Once all the pieces are out, start watching for pieces to come back and reassemble the picture.

I've been watching my "test" for (months?) a while now and it's not doing well. I get about half of my "payload" back. But there is where my new idea comes in...

Run that test actively, watching unique users to see how likely they are to come back. When I get 100 users who are dependable enough to 'save' a portion of the data to, start the delivery then...