Apr 30, 2009


Makes walking home a pleasant experience.

Apr 28, 2009


Another great ride, this one a bit longer than usual. Unfortunately, Uriah had a difficulty or two. Or three. Nothing that couldn't be worked out without The Official TNR Hammer.

A cool statue. It almost seems to be patiently waiting for those horrid little machines to go away..

Amazing sunset.

Two guys, one hammer.

Oh, Dave..

The route:

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Apr 26, 2009

Limburger Zone

We just boarded the tiny plane for Detroit.  Our question is this:  what is the term for "inside the secured area?"   Since colors are used for the alert levels, Mary and/or Michael suggested maybe it's by odor.  So we are now past security and in the Limburger Zone.

Alpena, MI Airport

I don't know if it's the plane flying upside down or the ceiling fans with airplanes dive bombing me that bothers me more..