Oct 1, 2010

After You - Harriet (night)

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The Twilight Hours were playing at the Lake Harriet band-shell one Friday night, and Jill was going to take the kids to the concert which I putted around on the lake. I got my lights hooked up and arranged in a much safer and more efficient manner than I had before, and they worked great. Launching solo was easy and I got to hear the soundcheck while I did it. When Jill and the kids arrived I met them at the dock and said hi, but nobody wanted to ride. That was just fine by me, as I really enjoyed going out into the inky darkness and being out there all alone on the boat I made for myself. Not even scary!

By the time the music came on it was full dark and without the lights of the bandshell and surrounding paths and lots navigating would have been difficult, but it was easy with them. Next time I'll bring the 2 million candlepower spot, just in case.

Taking the boat out was ok, although folks were trying to go through the boat landing to leave after the concert, which was annoying, but dealt with. I look forward to taking the boat out after dark again some time!

Sep 28, 2010


A Saint Paul ride without a GPS, I don't have a map. But we wandered Saint Paul quite a bit. At Calvary cemetary Matt's scoot stopped working. After a bit of fiddling Tom bodged up a classic rig which solved the issue. All I know is it involved a wire, grounding, and something about the seat.