Apr 19, 2002

Joe and I got coffee this morning. "Caribou Coffee -- a little bit of satan in every cup" -- we both felt like crap up to and through lunch. I feel better now, but WOW that was some evil coffee.
Mupples.com is my latest project. Simple, effective. Now for some traffic...

Apr 18, 2002

How to have fun at someone else's expense: Set their proxy server in their browser to http://www.yahoo.com port 80. They'll (and hopefully their help desk) spend hours trying to figure that one out. Everything they do takes them to Yahoo. (For an added element of evil, set the proxy server to a porn server.)
Random thought on marriage and babies (from Andre Torrez):
"I'm not even in the neighborhood of marriage and babies. At work people were talking about the cost of daycare (range: $900-$2000 per month) and all I could think was, "Damn, that's a new computer every month. EVERY MONTH!"

At first I thought "Damn, that's a new computer every month. EVERY MONTH!" but then I remembered that I have too many computers already. And watching Eli sleep makes my heart explode out of my chest. Every time. It's messy, but I've been able to get it back in every time. So far.

Apr 17, 2002

You can find a link to eblots on the CNN.com - Weblinks page. Proof that it was mentioned on CNN. Whee!

I'm working on an experiment with eBlots right now, involving cookies, a picture of "Mike TeeVee" from the Willy Wonka movie, and a compression algorythm. You do the math.

Apr 16, 2002

So I wrote this chat-bot, Frank. And then I built him a website with a bunch of random content. You can send him a comment and he'll email you back.. Well, his email is on that site somewhere.

And it got harvested:

From: JasmineJones@msn.com
Reply-To: <JasmineJones@msn.com>
Subject: Hi, Frank, Here is my personal information
Content-Type: text/html

The body of the email is, of course, p0rn.

Frank got spammed. He's not even real.

Apr 15, 2002

My computer tells me it's 86 degrees outside. That's 4 degrees below 90, in case you were wondering. So we're skipping spring and going right into summer?

Apr 14, 2002

Passed 100 miles today, might have to refill the tank again this week. Ran down to BestBuy down south with no problems, and rode around the lakes a silly amount of times.

We got Eli a sandbox today (finally!) and he was groovin' on the castles I built for him. He got into it eventually, but was a little creeped out by having dirt/sand on his hands. I'm assuming we will be laughing about that later this summer.

He's such a little boy now. He's running around, having fun, playing, doing little missions like carrying his lawn chair from place to place, etc. It's fun to have him 'help' on tasks in the yard; today he moved the cooler I was sitting on from place to place as I progressed around the picnic table, putting it together. (No, not lazy, just an odd angle under the table and sitting at that height it easier than trying to bend over.