Aug 7, 2002

I was listening to old Erasure, getting really wistful and thinking about "what if"s and where my life is and where it might have been and such. I do that a lot, but it's not about how my life could have been better - just different.

Anyway, I was thinking back to 87 when I really got in to Erasure, and got all "I wish it was back then" about it.

And then I threw in the latest Bis CD and it really made me appreciate today, too. Some day I'm going to wish it was now. I should remember to appreciate then, then, too. If that makes sense.

It's all about perspective, isn't it?
It's a sad, sad, sad day. The VW Cabrio is being discontinued.
A thousand dollars just disappeared into my mouth.

That's a computer. Darnit.

Aug 6, 2002

I would, of course, have to find a good sidekick. A dim witted but well meaning friend, or possibly a monkey. Or maybe a weasel. Something to set me apart.

And a good catchphrase.
I'd like a nomadic lifestyle. An RV or something (not white trashy though) and be completely wireless and mobile. And then I'd go from community to community encountering strange characters and having wacky adventures.

Occasionally I'd stay in a town twice as long as normal (the story could be summarized in two hours instead of one) and I'd solve a mystery.

Aug 5, 2002

When I said "Not that your mother isn't hot.." to Erik it made me giggle out loud at work. (I wasn't being serious.) (Not that she's ugly, but..) (There's no explaining this one, is there?)