Mar 29, 2002

I got all my stuff done 'just in time,' got a sandwich from D'Amico and we were off. Traffic was okay, but we saw an accident being pried apart right at the spot where 94 splits for the DOT testing area. If it weren't for the two highways, we would have been sitting there forever. The further north we got, the less snow we saw. By the time we got up to Fergus mid afternoon there was no snow at all. It'd rained a few times on the way up, but looked clear otherwise. Eli went nonstop until bedtime. In the meantime he had Blue Yo-J, frosted Animal Crackers, and lots of fun playing.

When we put him to bed we offered our nightly 'goodnight' songs of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and Jill's "Star" song. But no, this time he wanted us to sing the theme to Bob the Builder (which Jill belted out quite well -- I didn't know all the words). And then I offered the spider song but he said no. So I offered the other song I know -- Jingle Bells. He didn't want that, either. So we sang Bob the Builder AGAIN. And I left Jill and Eli to the last quiet song. Jill reported that he wanted her not to sing the star song, but Jingle Bells. Yay, Dad!

And as I write this on Grandma Judy's computer (forgot the darn AC adapter for the laptop. Argh!) I notice that it's snowing. Lots. In about a half an hour it's gone from no snow to completely white. That's the hardest part about spring snow -- the spirit crushing part.

Read Fragments of a Hologram Rose and "Disneyland with the death penalty" both by William Gibson today.

Mar 28, 2002

Harry Potter 1, 2, and 3. Agrippa by William Gibson. Both Parties Concerned by J.D. Salinger. These are all books I've read in the last three weeks. Want to note when and what I'm reading now. Bus riding and palm document files are really cool. :)

Mar 27, 2002

My two week project has just been delayed again. Currently at 7 weeks, if they actually launch on the current deadline. Ridiculous.

Mar 26, 2002

I just got Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002. I flew from Minneapolis to St. Louis to New Orleans last night. I was in a World War I era Sopwith Camel biplane, using only my wits to navigate down the Mississippi. Ok, so I used a map once or twice to see what state I was in, but otherwise it was all dead reckoning.

Couple things I like:
1. Scenery is Really Pretty. I have a list of destinations around the world I want to visit.
2. It's HUGE. Madagascar is on my list of destinations. I think that's so cool. The whole world on three CD-ROMs. I cannot imagine how they do that.
3. The planes are fun. I was sporting around in my Biplane for a while, but when I went back to revisit New Orleans, I took one of those huge 747's. Can't wait to try the seaplane -- I want to land it on Bear Lake, where our cabin is.
4. No CD involved. If you install the whole honkin 1+ gig, you don't need the CD when you play. This is super for my laptop, which has an external CD.
5. It works. With the graphics cranked up it can get a bit jerky, but for the most part it's smooth and pretty, even on my old machine.

I think tonight I might try and fly across an ocean. See how long that takes.. :)

Mar 25, 2002

Took Eli to Bandana Square to look at the model train exhibit Saturday. He thought it was really cool. But he was pretty tired, too. When we left I expected some resistance, and as I walked out of the exhibit I wondered just how many Grand Mal Tantrums had been thrown just outside that door. Funny.

Sunday we had a great breakfast with the Mitchells. Field is great -- he's so much better at making funny faces than Eli is, and he has a lot of Matchbox cars. Two very important things for kids. I think I might start buying Eli Matchbox cars every now and then, he needs a collection.

Started demolition on the basement last night. We were trying to expose pipes for the plumber to be able to give us an estimate. In the process we ended up taking down a lot more ceiling tiles and pulling half the corner closet apart. Jill had to restrain me, it was so much fun. I did a lot of it by hand -- literally. The stuff that isn't nailed down with 10 nails per board just comes off with a little pulling. I think we may end up being selfish and not having a 'destruction party' and just doing it ourselves.

And why can't I find a decent flight simulator?