Jan 30, 2009


Another gargoyle

I wish I had a ton of gargoyle patterns.  I'd even rescind my decision not to cut 3/4" maple any more...


I'm catching up on documenting some of my craftwork...

Jan 28, 2009

Crimes In The Hood

I get the newsletters from various precincts in Minneapolis and the latest from one of the more, erm, Northern precincts had a number of funny entries:
Officers dispatched to the area of 39/Russell on a shots call and cleared it.  Approx. 30 minutes later, a shooting victim/M, 31 YOA showed up at NMMC with a minor gunshot wound to the right leg.  Victim stated that 4-5 males were in the area of 40/Queen and were “lurking”, and the victim felt that they may have been trying to car-jack the victim.  The victim drove around the block a few times, and suddenly 1 of the males walked toward his vehicle and the victim heard 2 shots and felt pain in his right leg.  Not much for suspect info (M 15-19 YOA). 
My question:  why on earth did he drive around the block a few times?!?

Some of them just speak for themselves..
Stabbing (DASLT2)  MF-V1 was being assaulted by her boyfriend so she grabbed a knife. Her boyfriend pulled it from her causing a laceration in her hand. The suspect then stabbed himself thru the forearm (we may never know how that happened). Both were taken to HCMC.
2 witnesses saw one of 2 suspects break in door using shoulder. Moments later they observed both suspects walk out of the dwelling carrying a large, flat screen television.  Suspects apprehended by Officers in alley, 2 houses away from a home where one of the suspects resides. Both in jail. 
Dedicated gamers:
Officers were clearing a music call and noticed 6-8 foot flames coming from the roof of the above location.  The officers called for MFD, made entry into the residence, safely clearing out approx. 12 people from the house.  MFD arrived and finally put the fire out.  All residents escaped safely, and the last one out even took the time to rescue her X-Box video game system.  GREAT WORK BY OFFICERS!
Officers responded to a domestic situation where the male had at least 5 warrants from several different counties.  Officers found the male when the male fell from the ceiling which caused major damage to the apartment ceiling.  After the dust settled, the male was booked at HCJ. 
And just plain dumb:
The victim of an auto theft called the desk to report that a female was calling on his cell phone that was left in his stolen vehicle and stated that she would get his vehicle back for $400. The victim was in Duluth at this time and could not meet the suspect. Officers called victim and told her that the victim’s brother and uncle would meet the suspect to exchange the $ for the stolen vehicle. Officers waited in the area and the suspect actually showed up. The suspect had the victim’s keys to the vehicle and his ID with her. The suspect showed officers where the stolen was located. The stolen was recovered.