Aug 29, 2009

Productive Saturday

Eli did some "pitchforking" on the new patio spot for a little cash(*),  I built some new sawhorses, made a garden support fence for the new garden, organized my garage workshop and cleaned up the boat area.  Whew!  Oh yah I got part for my scrollsaw foot switch project and a bit of wood for the "homemade cam clamp" project.

Jill got her hair done and Lily covered herself with tattoos now that her airbrush tat set has more ink!

* he pulled a Tom Sawyer and got Lily and Darcy to help out, but we made sure he compensated them.

Aug 27, 2009

Catching Up: Part 2


While the sewer saga was mostly over, there was still some residual ugliness. The kids had their usual fun, and Lily had a school program. We went up to Bear Lake once, and went skating at Centennial Park, as well. Eli had a birthday party and the family had the Mardi Gras party.


As winter wore on, I went to the Make:Day at the Science Museum, we celebrated Saint Patrick's Day, and I created a kinetic cat for the Kingfield Art Show. On the travel side, we went to Lake George (1,2,3) and Bear Lake (1,2) Also, Mom and I went to Michigan for a First Communion. Jill helped run the Science Fair and Eli participated in the Pinewood Derby.


The usual kids and chaos continued in April. We celebrated Easter at our house and I went on the first TNRs of the season. Eli had a school presentation, and I recovered my hard drive.

Aug 26, 2009


Well, she's white! Need to do the red trim and a coat of shiny clear stuff and we'll be all set. Forgot the life jacket(s) up at the cabin though. Either I go shopping or wait until Labor Day.


Another wonderful ride. Lovely weather!

Aug 24, 2009

Suzanne Vega at the Dakota

She played all my favorite songs!  Opened with Marlena and ended with In Liverpool and had all sorts of wonderful in between.  We even got to sit right behind her Mom!  Great show.