Oct 15, 2012

What time is it? Spikenzie's Solder Time!

I tidied my shop recently just so I could get back into making things, and started with Spikenzie's Solder Time kit.  A couple hours of messy soldering, resoldering, trimming and following directions and voila!

It's massive.  It requires you to press the button to show the time (displays for five seconds and turns off) and it won't tell you if it's AM or PM.  Ideally opening a shade enough to see if it's dark or light out will give you enough of a hint on that point.  Here it is without a flash, so you can see the display:

It's hard to tell, but it actually works quite well.  It was a fun little exercise in soldering.  Eli was most impressed.  Until he heard it was a kit, then he scoffed.  And then he asked if I would build him one, too.  :)