Apr 15, 2010

After You

Didn't take pictures but I got a bit of work done on the boat last night. Placed the initial bulkhead supports in between the cabin and cockpit. Cut, framed, and built a cover for the forward deck hatch. Came up with a (hopefully) simple, clean, useful solution for the table/bunk support in the cabin. Measured and planned front window framing, decided on a non-removable window and rounded ends. I can square them up later if I decide that's too much hassle but I really like the look.

As with any boat project, this will no doubt take longer than I suspected. I'm still hoping to be able to make it to the mess-about in June, but I'm prepared for it to be an incomplete build if I do. By incomplete I mean not necessarily having all the accessories/shiny bits. Some things are required, like a sound hull. :)

And I'm still trying to decide at which point I stop messing around and flip it to begin the glassing and epoxy process on the hull.

Apr 13, 2010


Another great TNR - wonderful weather! We did six and a half roundabouts, including the one I was kinda reaching on.