Apr 25, 2009

Cross in the Woods

We visited the (alleged) largest crucifix IN THE WORLD.  Also home to the previously mentioned doll museum.

Holy Order Doll Museum

This was a museum of Holy Order outfits, with walls of nuns and such in the different variations on the typical habit.  We saw popes and priests and everything!  The dolls were generic, but also were Barbie, many many Ken Dolls, a Johnny West, a few of the Jackson Five, a dozen or so John Wayne, a Mork (of & Mindy), and even a Donny Osmand.  Wow!

The picture of the rosaries was for Stacie, who prays the rosary while we ride scooters.  She would have gone nuts in the gift shop.


I made this for my brother in law, the Interlocutatorman.

Emma in Apron

Someone got tall!  (This image is ×not× altered in any way)

Apr 24, 2009

Crazy Cousins

We had some fun with the cam, phone, and picsay...


For you stalkers:  http://www.twitter.com/fnirt for all the boring details of my trip..

Apr 22, 2009

Moon Necklace Holder

Jill wanted something to hang her necklaces on.  She thought maybe a chunk of wood with hooks on it.  I saw the whole of the moon.. 


My favorite parts?
  • Turning right (on Stevens) off a route we ALWAYS go straight on
  • The motocross course on Stevens
  • Portland roundabout
  • Not seeing the Pilot waving from the plane but knowing it happened
  • The Civil War vs WWI re-enactment
  • Seeing the official MN Coast Guard Canoe
Not so thrilled about the cold rain on the way home from "The Rest" and I need to up the sampling rate on my GPS for these rides, but otherwise:


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Apr 19, 2009


Grandpa was wonderfully generous on Easter and as a result, there is an awesome, super fantastic scroll saw in my workshop! It's far more flexible and configurable than my previous scroll saw, allowing for some more complicated projects.  So I've been going a little crazy with it.. This is all stuff I've done in the last week:

I started with a quick couple of minutes whipping up this rocking chair for Lily's Barbie.

My nephew is having his first communion next week, so I made him a nice "Victorian Style Cross":

And for the niece and nephews, some puzzle boxes, one for each. Displayed in various stages of assembly:

I got a new book on Composite, 3d scroll patterns. This is a cut of a flower:

And a penguin, another composite:

A little bunnny! (more composites):

The latest progress on my wooden chain:

A drill/dremel bit holder:

And finally, a rack for all of my paints - sick of keeping them in a box and not being able to tell which bottle is which: