Jun 11, 2009

New York, Day 2

On the way into the city, the kids got to blow the horn on the train!

Eating the $50 lunch at the museum..

The kids with "Rexy"

Wall 'o life. My favorite, for some odd reason.

The kids, my pearls..

Ferris wheel INSIDE the Toys R Us!

Lobby of Thomson Reuters.

View of the "ball" over Times Square from Michael's work.

More views from TR.

Quote of the day by Lily as we crossed Times Square: "New York is crowded."

(Also nominated for "Understatement of the century")

Jun 10, 2009

New York, day 1

Random images... Eli's school art project "quick take a picture before we leave!", the girls in the airport, kids on the plane, Eli gets some NY hot dogs.. kinda, kids in the cab..

Quote of the day: (in a New York cab) "I like the smell in here. It's kinda stinky."

Jun 9, 2009

Heartbreakingly Proud

I have run behind my daughter, holding her wobbly bike only to have her pull away and ride ahead all by herself!  Such a strange feeling of pride, fear, hope and sadness at seeing my little girl grow up..

Jun 8, 2009

The Crystal Method, First Avenue 6/7/2009

LOUD. Awesome. Good crowd for a Sunday night, too. I showed up just in time to see them, have too many beers, and go home. (BTW, it's an interesting mix of folks riding the 18 bus at 9pm on a Sunday night..)

All pics taken with my T-Mobile G1 Android phone. Didn't post the videos because they're garbage. Not because of the phone, but because videos of concerts are garbage. :)