Jul 16, 2002

Dow fell a lot again today. We're just going into a big ole depression, aren't we? And then we'll have a big war to get out of it. And then the 50's will happen again. All that is crappy, but the worst part is that when the 60's backlash thing happens after the next "50's" thing, I'm going to be TOO OLD FOR THE FREE LOVE.
You can get to a Tom Thumb via the Minneapolis skyway system. Didn't have anyone to go to lunch with, so I went on a Skyway Safari. I know where Congressman Sabo's office is, too. The lettering on the door is a little crooked.
None of my co-workers had any idea what suck.com was. I was passing this link around and everyone was like "Oh no! Bad link!"
Eli woke up at 4:30 again last night, and I managed to go into Super Deep Sleep after going back to bed. As a result, I'm a walking zombie. Went to get coffee and on my way back I would swear I saw . Kinda funny.

Jul 15, 2002

Oh yeah, only two of my invitees showed up at Jill's party. One of whom I hadn't seen in almost three years, the other six months at least.

What's up with that?
Lovely weekend.

1. JoeCorbett's wedding was nice, beautiful, fun, great, etc.
2. Jill's Birthday BBQ was nice, beautiful, fun, great, etc.
3. Jill and Eli got the flu Sunday. I got to get up at 7:30 Sunday and follow Eli around cleaning up little (big) puddles of puke.

Got a donut today downstairs and it didn't taste fresh. Bummer.