Dec 17, 2010

Marting Luther King Jr Dog Park

No, I'm not talking about the Minneapolis neighborhood kerfuffle. I'm not even a dog person. But I noticed something. There are three dog parks NAMED for Martin Luther King Jr. around the country:
  • Martin Luther King Jr Park Dog Park in Corvallis OR
  • Martin Luther King Field and Dog Park in Sausalito, CA
  • Martin Luther King - West Oakland Dog Park in Oakland CA
And then there are more on streets named for the undeniably great man:
  • Off Leash Dog area in Golden Gate Park on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
  • Sam Smith Park dog park on Martin Luther King Jr. Way in Seattle, WA
  • Thomasville Dog Park on Martin Luther King Drive, in Thomasville GA
That search took a couple minutes, tops. There must be more. I can't help but wonder if their communities embraced or rejected these memorials.