Jan 21, 2009

It ended not with a bang or a whimper, but with a flush..

That's a picture of the digger filling in our "Street Hole."  You can see the pile of dirt from our "Lawn Hole," which has been filled in, but the dirt has yet to settle.  We'll probably have some nice shots of the front yard mud zone this spring.

But we have function, so we're celebrating every flush, every shower, ever load of laundry.  It's nice to have normality back.  As for appreciating the things we have now that we have it back... nah.  Taking infrastructure for granted is fine.

Jan 19, 2009

al.. most.. there..

Big dig in the street today.  They were digging this morning when I left for work and Jill got some pictures I'll put up later.  Tonight we might be mostly functional.  But tomorrow they have to do this one thing with this deal and that other thing -- short scoop is no water Tuesday night.  Do Not Flush, Shower, Launder, Dishwash, etc.  

They've sleeved everything from the house to the main in PVC, and it needs to cure.  So it'll be another "drain in the yard" scenario, except this time it's "drain in the hole in the street - which empties into the main.  Which is ok, kinda.  

Tomorrow they'll come back and connect and glue everything and fill it all with a bladder (ironic), which is like a big baloon that will hold everything in place while it dries/cures.  Thus the no water flow.  At all.

But Wednesday morning they'll pull the plug and it'll be wide open.  The guy will run the camera down the length of the whole system and see for himself that it's wide open and ready for another hundred years.

We're still not holding our breath, but wondering just what else could go wrong?  What's left?!