Jun 3, 2002

Friday: Scooted over to Joe's after dark for a beer. Fun. Told lots of Eli throwing up stories.
Saturday: Home Depot, picked out carpet. Scooted for two hours down to the old abandoned Toll Bridge (it sounds so Hardy Boys) in South Saint Paul. Got wicked sunburn.

We all walked to Lake Harriet after Eli's nap and took a ride on the streetcar/trolley. Great fun for $1.50 -- we'll be doing it again for sure! Followed that up with some hot dogs and such at the concession, and then a walk home. Lovely evening! Lovely!

Sunday: Grand Old Days parade in the morning, 'The Regulars' in the afternoon -- good ride, went over to Grand Old Days. I raced the rain home and made it with just a drop or two on me.