Mar 9, 2002

I'm working on the Kaboomery, a Toontown Online fansite -- and I can develop the site well enough, but every time I hit the site my computer turns itself off. Yup. Works just fine on everything except hitting that one site. Yeah, it bothers me too. My CDROM no longer works, either. I'm getting a little worried I have to buy a new PC. I don't want to buy a new PC. I want to buy a new Scooter.

Mar 8, 2002

Unsettling: You are just sitting there when your glasses pop a lens and you sense a Very Very Very small screw fall into the darkness beneath your desk. And you can't see well any longer.

It's the human equivalent of throwing a horseshoe. You'll live, but not well.

I somehow managed to find the screw and screw it in using my wits and a fingernail.

I also got a SPAM that advertised a special deal on carpet that was actually tax deductable.

Mar 7, 2002

I made a "lost page" -- and I'm suddenly remembering my past. I just have to edit the page to reflect anyone I've thought of, so I don't offend anyone. But then, they are all lost, anyway..

Mar 5, 2002

I'd love to be at a startup again. I keep telling myself the market will turn around some day and I'll be able to do the smaller, faster, more reckless company thing again. But I have another little voice in my head that tells me a lot of people trudge through their lives with that carrot-on-a-stick, and that I should either try and make the current situation into a Great One! or look for my next BigCharts experience. I guess the thing I'm trying to say is that if I read this in a year or ten and I'm still here, thinking things will get better "soon" that I should kick myself in the butt and change things. And if someone else out there reads this in more than a year and I'm in a rut or something -- kick me in the butt.

My Cel Phone rings about once a week. I have one meeting per week. How did they happen at the same time? Odd.

When I got home last night (After the "Honey I'm home!") I did the typical "Hey Eli, can I get a hug?" at the door and he did the typical "No" and went back to eating, er playing with his markers. So I got down to his level and started bouncing up and down and saying (loudly) "Hey Eli can I get a hug? Pleeease?" -- it didn't take long for him to launch into my arms and give me a big hug. Thanks, Eli. It's good to be loud and fun.

Mar 4, 2002

Oh yeah, Joe Corbett interviewed at Capella today. I guess it went well -- it'd be nice to know more people at work!
Ok, so it's almost a year and a half later, and I'm looking for a place to call my 'home' (page.) So I think I'll start using this again. For those of you not familiar with it, this is a blog. Like Weblog. Like Web Diary. Some people use these things for posting links to interesting sites, others post waay too much personal information.

I, myself, think I'll use this as a "this weekend we went to the fair" kinda of journal. Works for me. That, and it allows me to point at something and not feel like I'm wasting my web address..

What's new in a year and a half? Oh, so much. The Plural office in Minneapolis got shut down, I went without work for a month and a half, spent that time super-bonding with Eli (loved it!), got a job at, learned a lot about dotNet, got new glasses, found balance in life, got new gadgets of this kind and that, etc. It's been a wild ride, and it's probably going to get even wilder as life goes on. Fun stuff.

Eli is awesome! He's a little boy now. He runs around, talks (sometimes coherently) yells, throws temper tantrums, says "Eli loves Daddy" once in a while, loves his Fisher Price Little People, can't get enough of the "Two Cool Cows" book his Aunt Mary sent him for his birthday or the "Butter on Pancakes" that came from Aunt Lisa -- and Jill and I are so happy not to have to read "Sammy the Seal" Every Single Night.

Not much else new, except for the fact that I sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" ever night to Eli and then he hugs me and it makes my heart explode with happiness. S'Cool.