May 30, 2002

Ok, to summarize what I haven't typed in the last few days"

Weekend up north at Lake George was fun, weather was perfect.

A one point Eli was running and tripped (he did this a lot this weekend) and started crying and sobbed "I did it again!" -- we all had to stifle giggles. He's pretty darn cute these days..

Drive back from the weekend took forever (not really) and was just as bad as every year. Nice to be home tho.

The triplets and company was a fun time -- everyone's kids are so much fun now! Personalities abound!

We actually have to fill out two timesheets every week now at work.

Basement has walls! Yay! Getting closer and closer to having a computer room again. We're going shopping for carpet and paint this weekend.

May 28, 2002

So there are a bunch of police cars blocking off a four block area downtown. Corbett (slacking off in the skyways) says something about a "suspicious package" but nothing on web site. And I forgot my freakin scanner at home. :(
Fun weekend! Up on the land, great weather, Eli had a LOT of fun. Triplets descend on the homefront tonight for a night over, more detail later...