Apr 13, 2002

The Vino is just too much fun. In two days of riding I've put 75 miles on it -- and boy is my butt sore! Actually, it's not that bad, but it definately isn't the world's most comfortable seat. But that is the ONLY thing I can think of that's negative. I spent a couple hours riding today and went through half a tank of gas. You know, 40 miles. A dollar's worth of gas. Not bad!

Eli got a haircut today and he looks more like a little boy than ever.

"Hey Eli, we're going shopping."


"Eli, want to go to Burger King?"
"Want to go to McDonald's?"

He knows what he likes.

Apr 11, 2002

From intellicast:
Friday: Partly cloudy skies. High near 67F. Winds WSW 5 to 10 mph.

Looks like spring may finally be upon us! Sounds good to me!

Apr 9, 2002

Welcome to my new fun:

It's a 2002 Yamaha Vino, Twilight Blue with tan accents. Had it derestricted before I even picked it up, so it does a zippy 35mph on flat ground, and 40 or more going down hills. We picked up a silver (not chrome) half-helmet yesterday, so I'm safe as well as styling. As for the derestriction: Scooters are considered mopeds, and by law have to exceed no more than 25 or 30 mph -- but if you (or your mechanic) removes the two simple restricting bits, it'll go as fast as mine does now. The speed and pickup is important for getting out of tight spots, i.e. that nasty little Civic that "didn't see me" and tried taking a right turn from the left lane. Evaded that one nicely and even got to give her a dirty look.

Scooter karma rules -- someone on a Zuma beeped at me, unfortunately I didn't have the presence of mind to beep back -- I will next time though! I stopped on the way home (from St. Anthony) to fill the gas tank and went from empty to full for a $1.79, so I'm doing my bit for gas conservation, right?

Reminds me of a motorcycle, only it seems a lot more.. fun! Less complicated, too, to be sure. Will have pictures soon enough; it just started to pitter patter rain on me as I was getting home, and the garage is no place for pictures, so I'll take some tomorrow or the next day.

Apr 8, 2002

First walk of the season! It was a bit cold, but it sure was fun! Eli is a lot more interesting at the playground now, and he's fun to chat with on the way to and from the park. This summer is going to ROCK!
Catching up.. Had a good weekend, Eli went to Grandma's from Saturday afternap to Sunday evening. Jill and I went to Lisa's birthday party.

We went to 3 Muses, a new restaurant in town. I'd looked it up online to see what the general atmosphere was like, and all of the reviews either gave it one star, or five stars. We understood after we were done. It was a lot of fun, but it seemed like they were trying too hard to be a really artsy, snooty restaurant. They should probably learn to pronounce "Petit" then. (After I said it properly.) The food was really good, but the portions were too small. I had a bunch of food before we went, and I was hungry when we were done with our meal.

But it was a great birthday party for Lisa, and it's always good to see our friends in a social environment.

Sunday we took advantage of our Eli-less house by destroying the basement bathroom. It's a toilet and 2/3 of a shower now, no walls. Found a cool yin/yang symbol behind the wall. Foundation walls painted black. Creepy.

Found the cable for my Bell+Howell pencam. Time for more pointless shots of nothing.

Eli was plenty tired by the time we got him home last night, and just barely stayed awake for the ride home. It was good to have noise in the house again.

Saw "Bridget Jones' Diary" and "StepMom" this weekend. The former was awesome, the latter predictable.

Finally caught a bunch of episodes of "The Osbournes" -- OMG that's funny. They're just so... Wow.
With any luck, I'll have one of these soon. Erik made fun of it. Ira thought it was cool. Ann thought it was cool. Joe thought it was cool. Joel thought it was cool. I think it's cool. Jill wants a ride.
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