Aug 16, 2008

Rattle Them Bones!

Yay scooter rallys!

(this was posted from my phone on the halfway stop of the big ride during the rally)

Aug 15, 2008

My First Cross Stitch

We really can't remember why I started cross stitching. As wife says "how do *any* of these things you do start?" but this was the start of it all. Not too bad for a first effort..

A Rose Pillow

This pattern was from a DMC floss and pattern book combo. I had previously stitched up a chess pattern from a book of mini-pillow paterns for Eli (It's actually for one of his "guys" / read: dolls) and I owed Lily one as well. So rather than do the pattern she picked, we decided on this one for the time being. It was a nice, quick, fun little pattern and came out nicely. Although it was hard to pull off the "Cross stitching is the manliest of the needle arts" line when stitching a pink rose...

Aug 14, 2008

Change is Good

Do not be alarmed! I've simply redirected you from the "old" to this blog. I'm trying to update my content more, and since most of the stuff on the old page doesn't work, I've moved it over here. It's on the right hand side as a nice list of links. The photo albums? Yes, they're there.

Oh, you can also subscribe to this (since it's a blog) and get notifications when it's updated, etc. I'll even try and post when I finish captioning photo albums! Won't that be nice?


Great. You've got corn

This is a custom creation of a phrase we use at work. I thought of cleaning up and presenting it nicely, but this cluttered shot seems more appropriate.

I based it on a pattern in Subversive Cross Stitch by Julie Jackson. Love the book, it's been a great source of inspiration.


I'm experimenting with photo blogging and documenting my crafts.. This one came from a kit at Michael's some time ago. It's half stitches on plastic and I thought it would be easy. It was, but it was also more complicated than it looks. Lots of subtle color changes. It's one of the few crafts at my desk at work.