Mar 20, 2002

Still not laughing about the "3/14/2002 1:40:54 PM" comment. And though the deadline moved a week back, it's going to end up being stress.. Oh well. It's fun. And Joe started Monday so that's cool.
One Million Keystrokes - Between February 1 and March 20 (today) I typed one million letters.

Thanks. I'd like to thank all the little letters, and my shift key, without whom I would always be shouting. And I want everyone to consider the plight of the dvorak keyboards, and urge the world to stop the keyboardism and abuse they recieve. United We Type!
I was doing a scary "Find in Files" in Textpad and it complained about not enough memory. So I started the search again. But my mouse was acting funny so I tool the mouseball out to clean it, and while I was doing that it looked like my new search had stopped. So I moved the mouse to see if the machine was locked up. But the mouse didn't have a ball in it, so the pointer didn't move. I panicked. Good thing I didn't hit the reset button. :)
Took Eli to McDonald's for dinner last night, as Jill had a massive headache and we thought she might want some time to rest. We both had a lot of fun, and he thought the big cup and the little cup for our pops was neat. "Eli cup, Daddy cup" is a great example of how he's noticing size differences and attaching roles to things.

When we got to Calhoun square he immediately said "That's circle, that's oval, that's square!" and pointed at three benches that were just that. He's a smart kid.

We also went to Urban Outfitters, but didn't find anything fun. He liked the stairs a lot, though. And the whole trip he kept saying "Uptown!"