Jun 20, 2005

Hey another page I can blogify and get rid of on my site at home:


Who I saw: Autolux, Block Party, Bright Eyes, Buck 65, Chemical Brothers, Coldplay, Diplo, DJ Marky, Eisley, Four Tet, Gang of Four, Jem, Josh Wink, Kasabian, Keane, M.I.A., M83, Miss Kittin, New Order, Nine Inch Nails, Prodigy, Radio 4, Raveonettes, Roni Size, Secret Machines, The Bravery, Tiga, Wilco
Blisters: 2
Celebrities Sighted: 0 (What, was I blind?!)
Miles on Rental Car: 1000
Bottles of water consumed: 30 (close approximation)
Final cost: ~$1200 (Airplane, Rental Car, Hotel, Concert Tickets, Spending Money)

Worth every penny, drop of sweat, and square inch of blister!

Travelogue forthcoming.

Pictures here
This is Erik's Blog.
I like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

And Erik has a blog.
More lapses. Nice.

Last day at the dentist. One tiny little filling and now we're all done. Four years, $10k at least, and no more Marine Corps fillings!

Mar 14, 2005

I felt a great disturbance in my resume, as if my skillsets suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

Mar 1, 2005

Went to dentist today after a year or so of avoidance. Not bad at all tho! No periodontal illness, no (new) cavities. Got lots of fun toys for being a good patient (a toothbrush with a pointy thing on it just like Grandma had!) and a referral for a root canal. Sweet!

I'm celebrating by eating chocolate and drinking iced tea.

Feb 23, 2005

It's years later and I think I'm going to update this more. I'd be surprised, but what the hey.

Latest fun:

Got an xbox. Playing Ghost Recon too much.

Lily's latest fun thing: She ends every statement with "Daddy" -- "I did it Daddy" "Zip up Lily jacket Daddy" etc.

Eli's latest fun thing: He's really smart. We were reading last night, and in an attempt to force him to learn to read too soon, I have him picking out a word on the page and identifying it. Dumb old me would read the pages and he'd pick a word. The first word. But he did it so slyly it didn't even look like he was cheating.

He had an assessment for public schools kindergarten and they had him do some logic tests, etc. One scenario: He is sitting at a table, opposite the tester. They put a box in the middle of the table and tell him to place a small block behind it. He places it in front of himself and they say "are you sure that's where you want to put it?" "Yes." "Ok... Is that behind the box?" and he replies "It is to you." Smart AND a smartass! That's my boy!

Everyone needs to go to this site, do some dots, lessen some stress, and pass the link on to their friends.
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