Feb 23, 2005

It's years later and I think I'm going to update this more. I'd be surprised, but what the hey.

Latest fun:

Got an xbox. Playing Ghost Recon too much.

Lily's latest fun thing: She ends every statement with "Daddy" -- "I did it Daddy" "Zip up Lily jacket Daddy" etc.

Eli's latest fun thing: He's really smart. We were reading last night, and in an attempt to force him to learn to read too soon, I have him picking out a word on the page and identifying it. Dumb old me would read the pages and he'd pick a word. The first word. But he did it so slyly it didn't even look like he was cheating.

He had an assessment for public schools kindergarten and they had him do some logic tests, etc. One scenario: He is sitting at a table, opposite the tester. They put a box in the middle of the table and tell him to place a small block behind it. He places it in front of himself and they say "are you sure that's where you want to put it?" "Yes." "Ok... Is that behind the box?" and he replies "It is to you." Smart AND a smartass! That's my boy!

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