Apr 26, 2002

I've discovered that if you just say "Yeah, I'm the guy for that" and "Sure, we can do that" people go away faster.
Someone needs to buy my family a Keenmac Pub.

Apr 25, 2002

Joe and I had another code shootout. Fun!
Happiness is buying the unmarked PopTarts package in the vending machine, preparing yourself for a strawberry or blueberry tart (which would be just "ok") and getting a Cinnamon PopTart! (which rocks!)

Apr 24, 2002

I have a puzzle. I was using a standard country code list for a project, but I noticed some errors. A bunch of them. I wondered if this list was a popular list, so I went searching for one of the misspellings on the net. The country name was "Namibia" but it was typo'd "Anmibia."

My search yielded two pages.

Both had expired or changed, but the google cache contained my misspelling. But if you look at the text..

Some words have the first two letters transposed. Not a few, but a LOT. In a few cases, if the first letter (which was transposed to the second position) was capitalized, the whole sheebang (until the next case change) has a case reversal.

I'm clueless. This is going to bug me for some time, and I think I'll have to write some code to try and analyze the puzzle. My first guess is that it's code much like the cSientologists (de-transpose that one!) use to send messages and documents over the net.

It's another Pet Shop Boys(watch those popups!) day as I work my way through their CDs.

I finished putting the pieces together on my New York Puzzle last night.
I have to wait until the basement is done, as it's going to take that much space to lay out all the pieces and put them together as buildings, and then into place on the puzzle. Crazy stuff.

Met Erik's dog last night at the dog park. Cool. Pretty. Face like an Ewok. Not that I find Ewoks attractive in an unhealthy way..

Apr 23, 2002

I don't know what I'm doing here, and I keep accepting additional things for "ownership." I hope they don't want me to DO anything with the stuff I own.

I used to be smart. I really am amazed at how they've made me feel like I:
1. Don't know anything
2. Can't learn anything well
3. Will never really "get" dotnet.

It's Pet Shop Boys All Day Long In My HeadPhones.

I feel like I should write 5000 words on why the Pet Shop Boy's "Discography" really does sum up the best of their work, even though (or especially because) it excludes all of their work after 1991. Like in American Psycho, only it's not Whitney, Phil, or Huey.

Apr 22, 2002

Complaining about our jobs:

n: Our kitchen doesn't have real sugar
e: That kinda sums it up, doesn't it?