Apr 24, 2002

I have a puzzle. I was using a standard country code list for a project, but I noticed some errors. A bunch of them. I wondered if this list was a popular list, so I went searching for one of the misspellings on the net. The country name was "Namibia" but it was typo'd "Anmibia."

My search yielded two pages.

Both had expired or changed, but the google cache contained my misspelling. But if you look at the text..

Some words have the first two letters transposed. Not a few, but a LOT. In a few cases, if the first letter (which was transposed to the second position) was capitalized, the whole sheebang (until the next case change) has a case reversal.

I'm clueless. This is going to bug me for some time, and I think I'll have to write some code to try and analyze the puzzle. My first guess is that it's code much like the cSientologists (de-transpose that one!) use to send messages and documents over the net.


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