Jan 19, 2011


Kids these days, I tell ya. Eli comes home one day and announces that they have a field trip coming up. Skiing. Someone decided it was a good idea to take these tiny little children skiing? Ski they did. And from what I hear it was a roaring success. Eli came home with a new sport.

We signed him up for lessons at Hyland. I took him the first week and wanted to get him all set up properly so I didn't plan on skiing. Spent the whole time wishing I had the right gear so I could get on the slopes.

Hyland is considerably larger than Como (where we grew up on Ski slopes) with more than one slope and more than just one rope tow. For Minnesota, it's a great city ski spot and lots of fun. Eli has had three lessons now and was signed off on the basic course and if he wants more lessons it'll be at a (basic) advanced level. The instructor and supervisor were both really impressed that he did so well, especially since he's only been skiing five times! I just explain that by saying he's a Craig. :) And it's thrilling to find something Eli likes to do this much. Again, a Craig.

I'm excited about this new chapter in the Craig Skiing Scrapbook.

It's been so long since I'd been skiing. There were a few things that strike me:
  • When did skis stop being pointy?
  • I don't have a problem with snowboarders, but why do they all sit down in the middle of the slopes?
  • WOW there are a lot of opportunities for people to ski now. I don't think there's a handicap anymore that would prevent someone from getting on the slopes. The blind skiiers were a bit of a surprise, but they really do quite well!
  • Dad. I keep saying things to Eli that came straight out of my Dad's mouth. So many points that I totally "get" now. (Yes, ropes are better because they keep you warmer, lifts just make you cold. Bring your own sandwiches. Sweat is the enemy. Don't just go straight down the hill. Use poles. Colder means less people on the slopes.)
  • Why doesn't anyone use poles anymore? Seriously!
  • Lacking moguls, all hills are the bunny hill. Some are just steeper than others.
We're having a lot of fun. I'm having a lot of fun. It's good to be back.