Aug 22, 2002 - Local Weather Page

(I'll often go from weather site to weather site looking at forecasts until I find one that suits my needs.)
osmehting -- Best. Misspelling. Ever.
I predict that within the next 5 years Target is going to get the crap sued out of it for their hiring practices. I'm generalizing, of course, but watching the flow of people into Target's HQ is like watching an episode of "Friends" except all the women are blonde. Seriously, it's scary.

Aug 21, 2002

The Nieman Marcus "Holiday" store recently opened in Gavidae Common. It's got Christmas stuff up. That's my first "Christmas Crap" sighting for the year, and I believe a personal best: August 21.
So that 20 minute "pop in the new crown, no novacaine needed" turned into over an hour, the old temporary was cracked so it took a lot of wheedling (aka pain) to get it out, MORE temporary fillings because the crown didn't fit, TWO rounds of novacaine because it was so sensitive to cold and pressure, and all that time I got to stare at an inspirational poster that said "Friendship is like a rainbow between hearts."

Aug 20, 2002

Web Server Statistics for [my organisation]

On all of my sites put together, the googlebot is a more popular browser than Netscape.
Time to rip into the Pretzel Flipz. If I can't be productive, I might as well be fat.
"Go ahead, scream. You know you want to."

A phrase that probably shouldn't be a common thought.

Aug 19, 2002

Ahhh, good weekend. Got well on my way to completing the renovation of the trailer, and had lots of fun at the Cabin at the same time.

Riding a scooter in the woods is indeed like being on a speeder-bike.