Aug 27, 2009

Catching Up: Part 2


While the sewer saga was mostly over, there was still some residual ugliness. The kids had their usual fun, and Lily had a school program. We went up to Bear Lake once, and went skating at Centennial Park, as well. Eli had a birthday party and the family had the Mardi Gras party.


As winter wore on, I went to the Make:Day at the Science Museum, we celebrated Saint Patrick's Day, and I created a kinetic cat for the Kingfield Art Show. On the travel side, we went to Lake George (1,2,3) and Bear Lake (1,2) Also, Mom and I went to Michigan for a First Communion. Jill helped run the Science Fair and Eli participated in the Pinewood Derby.


The usual kids and chaos continued in April. We celebrated Easter at our house and I went on the first TNRs of the season. Eli had a school presentation, and I recovered my hard drive.

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