Mar 25, 2002

Took Eli to Bandana Square to look at the model train exhibit Saturday. He thought it was really cool. But he was pretty tired, too. When we left I expected some resistance, and as I walked out of the exhibit I wondered just how many Grand Mal Tantrums had been thrown just outside that door. Funny.

Sunday we had a great breakfast with the Mitchells. Field is great -- he's so much better at making funny faces than Eli is, and he has a lot of Matchbox cars. Two very important things for kids. I think I might start buying Eli Matchbox cars every now and then, he needs a collection.

Started demolition on the basement last night. We were trying to expose pipes for the plumber to be able to give us an estimate. In the process we ended up taking down a lot more ceiling tiles and pulling half the corner closet apart. Jill had to restrain me, it was so much fun. I did a lot of it by hand -- literally. The stuff that isn't nailed down with 10 nails per board just comes off with a little pulling. I think we may end up being selfish and not having a 'destruction party' and just doing it ourselves.

And why can't I find a decent flight simulator?

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