Mar 29, 2002

I got all my stuff done 'just in time,' got a sandwich from D'Amico and we were off. Traffic was okay, but we saw an accident being pried apart right at the spot where 94 splits for the DOT testing area. If it weren't for the two highways, we would have been sitting there forever. The further north we got, the less snow we saw. By the time we got up to Fergus mid afternoon there was no snow at all. It'd rained a few times on the way up, but looked clear otherwise. Eli went nonstop until bedtime. In the meantime he had Blue Yo-J, frosted Animal Crackers, and lots of fun playing.

When we put him to bed we offered our nightly 'goodnight' songs of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and Jill's "Star" song. But no, this time he wanted us to sing the theme to Bob the Builder (which Jill belted out quite well -- I didn't know all the words). And then I offered the spider song but he said no. So I offered the other song I know -- Jingle Bells. He didn't want that, either. So we sang Bob the Builder AGAIN. And I left Jill and Eli to the last quiet song. Jill reported that he wanted her not to sing the star song, but Jingle Bells. Yay, Dad!

And as I write this on Grandma Judy's computer (forgot the darn AC adapter for the laptop. Argh!) I notice that it's snowing. Lots. In about a half an hour it's gone from no snow to completely white. That's the hardest part about spring snow -- the spirit crushing part.

Read Fragments of a Hologram Rose and "Disneyland with the death penalty" both by William Gibson today.

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