Apr 14, 2002

Passed 100 miles today, might have to refill the tank again this week. Ran down to BestBuy down south with no problems, and rode around the lakes a silly amount of times.

We got Eli a sandbox today (finally!) and he was groovin' on the castles I built for him. He got into it eventually, but was a little creeped out by having dirt/sand on his hands. I'm assuming we will be laughing about that later this summer.

He's such a little boy now. He's running around, having fun, playing, doing little missions like carrying his lawn chair from place to place, etc. It's fun to have him 'help' on tasks in the yard; today he moved the cooler I was sitting on from place to place as I progressed around the picnic table, putting it together. (No, not lazy, just an odd angle under the table and sitting at that height it easier than trying to bend over.

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