Apr 3, 2002

I just read the Guidelines for Keyboard User Interface Design and I'm hoping it'll make me a better typist, as it has a list of keyboard shortcuts at the bottom of the article.

Eli has pinkeye and two infected ears. Hasn't slowed him down a bit, and we didn't even know about the ears. I had to/got to stay home with him yesterday and we had a lot of fun.

Also, I spent too much time working on my puzzle last night, and now have one of the four Big Bags Of Pieces assembled into building parts. The next step would be to put the buildings together and place them on the 'ground' section, but I'm going to put them nicely in a box and move on to the next bag. Makes it a bit more mobile, and pushes off the "I need a really big space on which to build a mini-New York" deadline.

No basement news, but the contractor is coming over tonight to tell us what we should and should not rip out when we have our 'destruction party.'

Still working on the New York Travelogue, should get it done "one of these days." It's at odds with the new puzzle, Flight Simulator 2002, burning CD-ROMs, working on web content for my site, cleaning the basement (and destroying it) and catching up with our Tivo stuff. I need more time to do pointless stuff, that's for sure.

I'm trying to get as much done as possible because soon summer will be upon us (not that you can tell by the 8" of snow out there) and we'll be going out of doors again. I miss taking walks around the neighborhood, can't wait to start that again. Plus, it's a wonderful way to fill that time between dinner and Eli's bedtime. In the winter it's tough to think of things to do Every Night.

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