May 13, 2002

Someone told me I need to figger something out so I can quit my job and go to work for myself.
I've been thinking about that a lot lately for that very reason.
I'm thinking my way out is for my insane brain to come up with something really unique, and have the luck to patent it and make money off it without being exploited and missing the boat.

Another possibility is creative. I like to write, and I am searching the cobwebs of my brain for something to write a book about. I don't want to be stephen king, but enough money to not work would be cool.

Although I think the odds are best in a niche subject or genre. Somewhere with little competition.
Or in a genre like Romance, where there is a ton of crap. To really write that stuff well could be lucrative.

I don't want my next career to be completely dependant on technology. I want to be out and about, and I think I want it to be creative.

So I spend a lot of time on "What simple thing hasn't anyone done yet?" and "What can I write about?"
There is no money in computers. No money in the Internet. And the problem is that I have to come up with something that will generate as much as I make in salary. Anyone can drop out of the workforce and do their mid-life crisis career switch (or go back to school) but I don't want be a freelance nature photographer if it means I have to give up the Satellite TV or my electronic gadgets.

So yeah, lazy dream.

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