Jul 1, 2002

Figured out where all of my "lost" posts were going: the wrong blog. Mine, but not the right one.

To catch you up, here are the "missing" entries, all confused and in the wrong order:

[7/1/2002 7:59:46 AM | robert craig]
Fun weekend, HOT HOT HOT. Spent some serious time in the inflatable (which uninflates rapidly) pool -- more importantly got the air conditioners installed. Nice.

The Kishel-Corbetts and my brother Jim came over for BBQ Saturday night, was quite fun. Jim was trying to escape the heat so he hung out and watch the Peacemaker (Clooney, Kidman) -- okay movie, even if we did have to watch GASP commercials.

Almost did a whole puzzle yesterday, will finish it tonight. Odd puzzle. Will explain once I'm done and take pictures.

Did I mention it was hot out? Oh yeah, sunburnt Saturday afternooon taking the scooter out -- didn't think I was going to be out that long, but I was. Went to the MOA, which is a long drive since there is no direct route. Fun tho.

[6/24/2002 8:08:37 AM | robert craig]
Long weekend of painting and sweating. Very hot. Got out on the scooter yesterday for a while, went down to the Lock and Dam at the Ford bridge and looked around. Need to carry camera around with me all the time, missing too many shots.

My latest "scheme" interesting: I'm trying to figure out how to get to Stillwater via roads of 35mph or less.

[6/18/2002 2:48:02 PM | robert craig]
Loooong weekend. Details? Quickly:

Satellite doesn't work with new wiring, can't fix quick, Tivo useless for the weekend
Dashed off to cabin, Eli did quite well in the car, all slept quickly and well.

Drove from 6:30am to about 6pm, with some kind of time change in there. Emma and Matthew and the rest of the Cheboygan Michigan crowd were very happy to see us, and we were very happy to see them, as well as get out of the car finally! Eli rode quite well, with much help from Grandma.

Fort Michillimackinac in the drizzly rain, but lots of fun anyway
Ate at zooey Burger King with LOTS of little kids running around.
Eli threw up everything in the van ("I threw up..")

Rain. Stayed in all day. Went a little batty. Eli ended up in a dress playing the guitar while Emma spun around the room. Surreal to say the least

Rain stopped, went to the Island. Saw horses, fort, arch rock, and parade. Eli loved riding on the boat

Up too early due to Emma's crying, hit the road early, drove lots.
Drove more.
Continued to drive.
Kept driving.
And then drove some more.
Got home with VERY little crying out of Eli, which was amazingly wonderful. He did throw up just after Hudson though. Wouldn't be a trip without that familiar smell..

Great weekend, but I need a vacation!

(Got the Satellite working, thank goodness! Basement coming along really nicely!)

[6/12/2002 9:23:35 AM | robert craig]
What kind of cough drops do you consider LEAST offensive? i.e. If you were locked in a 5 foot by 5 foot space with someone for 10 hours and they had cough drops, which of the following would you most prefer:

1. Fisherman's Friend, the most effective and least sweet of the cough drops
2. Blue menthol type "cool" cough drops
3. Honey, the boring cough drop
4. Cherry, the cough drop that makes you want to outlaw cough drops
5. Other (you fill in the blank)

[6/11/2002 9:23:27 AM | robert craig]
Way too long since any entries...

Preparing for the trip this week to Mackinac Island (Cheboygan, actually), lots of packing and stuff. Eli's pretty excited about the trip, and we're doing a lot of plotting and planning to distract him throughout the journey.

[6/5/2002 8:20:55 AM | robert craig]
Stress lately. We had to go to Home Depot last night for some "basement stuff" and had to wait for help. Eli got bored and frustrated, I got stressy. It wasn't until the end of our trip that I realized I had the ultimate "get service fast" tool. As Eli cried and cried while sitting on my shoulders (thus propogating the noises further) the clerks started doing anything to just get us out of the store.

Basement done soon enough, and all will be well.

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