Jul 10, 2002

I've been doing digital photography for some time, and I've got my big expensive mega cameras, but I love my pencam!

I've got a Bell and Howell (aka Jazz) mini cam with 352x288 resolution. Got it at Target for $39.95. Image quality is.. pretty bad. But with DCEnhance and some tweaking they're okay. Fun.

I've thrown my collection online, and will probably be adding to it until the little thing dies.

You can find them at:

(The interface is .net on an IIS server in vb.net -- in case anyone is wondering if they can get a copy of the software: only if you know how to code. :) It's powerful, but complicated)

Also, I'm anxiously awaiting the Logitech Pocket Digital -- but I'm not finding it in stores or online yet. What gives? They said June 30... I've never heard of a product launch being late. (Riiiiight.)

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