Sep 16, 2008

Men In Stitches

Hard to find much information about men cross stitching online. As a guy who stitches it's always amusing to deal with people who have assumptions about "mens" hobbies vs "womens" hobbies. I've always said cross stitching was the "manliest of the needle arts" and that really if you think about it, it's just pixels. Makes perfect sense that someone into technology would be doing something that so easily translates pixels into stitches. I will admit it's tough to find compelling content for cross stitches, but with some creativity we can all get past the teddy bears and angels.

Last night Lily noticed a framed cross stitch in our hallway that a family friend did for our wedding. When I told her the name of the woman who made it Lily said "Can girls do cross stitch too?" and then followed up by noting that apparently so, as even she herself has done some cross stitching.

Hee hee hee.

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