Nov 17, 2008

Animal Crossing: City Folk, my impressions

Some of my observations, thoughts, etc.  I think I'm trying to convince my friends to get online with this so we can visit each others cities... :)
  • We did *not* get the wii speak version, waiting to see if it sucks and if we know anyone else with a speak.
  • I played it forever on the DS (Wild World), and now on the Wii.  I have no gamecube experience, so some of this might be redundant to the GC, but I never knew it.  :)
  • I did nooks tasks for me and Eli *and* Lily, so I'm tired of that treadmill, but now that it's over it's cool.
  • Screen is SO MUCH BIGGER THAN DS.  
  • It feels like the same old thing, but fresher.  I'm absolutely going to spend many many hours in the wii version.
  • Subtle improvements here and there in the UI.  Just makes simple menu tasks cleaner.
  • The city is just all the weekly visitors in one place, which is kinda handy.  Oh and having a hairstylist that's not just at nookingtons.
  • I got a makeover to look like my Mi.  Works well.  It's a mask though, so you can't add more to it, like glasses on your Mi.  It just swaps out to the original character face.
  • I've paid off my first mortgage already, but the kids will be stuck in their tiny cabins forever.  I make money faster than the kids, mostly because I don't just goof around, which I probably should do more often.
  • We all live in our own places, which is really nice.  No more fighting about who changed the wallpaper, but as I said, the kids will lag behind in expansions which could frustrate them.
  • It means they have to pay their own mortgage, which they don't care about yet.  When their house gets too small for them we'll see how they deal.
  • The experience on the DS pays off in knowing how to make money, but I'm cool starting over on my bughunt and fishing and stuff.
  • One player per wii console.  That's going to cause issues.  We have a 20 minute block rule in the house right now which will hopefully help.
  • I don't know about visiting other towns when they're not there.  Which kinda might suck.
  • I love how the kids find certain things fun.  Lily is a designer and Eli is a pitfall seed aficianado.
  • It's gotten Lily reading a lot more, but she DID delete the town once on the DS, so not that well, I guess.  
  • Fishing is a bit easier with the wiimote -- not in the "jerk to pull the line in" thing, you can use a button instead -- but in ability to aim your shots better and easier.
  • Right and left on the directional cross swap out tools.  So you can go from net to shovel to fishing pole without doing the inventory screen.  Nice.  (And apparently "down" removes items from your hands.)
  • When you sell stuff to Tom, you select the items in your inventory -- not moving them, just selecting them.  Much nicer.
If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, it's a new game for the Wii, but it previously came out on the Nintendo DS, and before that the Nintendo Game Cube.  It's very freeform and kid friendly, as there's no real death or killing or fighting.  Just fun!

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