Nov 9, 2008

R.I.P. fnirt and Miloton

I don't know how she got past the confirmations, and she doesn't either, but Lily appears to have deleted Miloton.  It was a town on my Animal Crossing Wild World game for the DS.

Ok, so you're wondering why I would be bummed about this?  Well, I've been playing that game for almost two years now, and it took a lot of hours to get my house, my money, all my furniture, etc.  I had a birthday cake from the townsfolk, and just today I found my first four leaf clover.  And did I mention the new version coming out for the Wii would allow you to bring your character over from your DS?  Yeah.

I guess I wouldn't be so upset, but Eli and Lily just got into it.  They finally found out how fun it was and really started to play a lot.  Eli loved writing letters and planting pitfall seeds to annoy the NPCs.  Lily would make shirt after shirt or plant flowers here and there forever.  And I could help them by giving them money or tools or advice.  And they could go to Nookington's instead of just a tiny little shop in the beginning, etc.  I had worked hard on it and I was finally seeing that pay off for the kids.  Lily still doesn't know what she did, but she's sad.  Eli's stopped sobbing (he was really putting in a lot of work already) and I'm slowly getting over it.

But I just don't know if I can plug away at working for Tom Nook and paying off those mortgages anymore.  And farming trees?  I'm not sure I can do that, either.  Maybe I should just buy a fishing pole and live the simple life of a fisherman...

We've all decided to create a new town and call it Craigville.  But maybe I need some time to grieve...

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