Dec 30, 2008

Clean/Dirty Flipper

One item, one picture for each side.  It's a "dishwasher flipper thing" that you place on the counter near your dishwasher.  When you empty the dishwasher you flip it to dirty to indicate the contents are (will be) dirty, and when you start the washer you flip it to clean.

This allows everyone to know if they can put their dishes in the washer, as opposed to just leaving them on the counter because "I didn't know if it was clean, and.."

I made six of these and gave them as Christmas presents.  The process involved cutting six thin sheets of dark and light woods (3 each) for each word, and then just swapping out the contents of the words.  The lines across the middle are from the original idea, which was to have each side be half and half up and down, if that makes sense.  But it didn't look good to me, so I went this way.

I learned a lot about doing this kind of thing as I went through the various steps to completion.  One of the most important things being "make a prototype!"

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