Jan 14, 2009


Sewer Sitrep

They filled in the Big Hole yesterday, as the pipes from the internal system to the outside line and the outside line to the street are done and buttoned down.

Sadly, the connection to the Main is still nonfunctional, so they're bringing out the road BBQ today and will cook it for a few days.

Even sadder still, we're experiencing our annual January cold snap, and they can't work on the street if it's below zero.  So it's likely there is no work to be done this week.  But... apparently the city pays for the street to get repaired when you put big holes in it like we're going to.  Thanks, taxpayers!  (No, really, thanks!)

And when they filled in the hole the rain garden took a pretty big hit.  Hopefully we'll be able to restore it to its former glory as soon as the spring comes back around.

So now is Day 15 and it looks like we're going to be going into the three week territory.  This makes the baby Jesus cry.

That said, we're taking the odd shower here and there and things seem to be draining slowly.  Not going to test that until the work is done though.

Computers Suck

Our internet connection crapped out, too, so the photo albums won't be working until I get it sorted out.  But between work, my super awesome G1 Android phone, and the, er, local public wireless network we're moderately functional on that front.


My "check engine" light is on in my car.  I should get that looked at, too.  but I don't drive it much these days due to the Bus To Work Walk Home plan - which is going quite well, actually!  And if you go to the very bottom of my blog you can see where I am.  That is, if my phone has a GPS signal.

Anyway, the walking is going great - even in this cold weather.  Actually, I like it better when it's bitter cold or snowy.   There is less likelyhood that there will be Bad Guys about.  That, and I love it when people say "You WHAT?"  I've got my walking gear all figured out and I'm nice and warm even in the coldest of weather.  I have yet to deal with a real stinging windchill, but feel confident I'll be ok.  I've got different layers and/or options for different temps.  In the coldest weather I have a mask (think disposable dust mask from Walgreens), winter hat, balaclava, hood on the jacket, scarf keeping it all nice and snug, and headphones (under the hood, over the balaclava) which actually act as earmuffs, as well.  All that's exposed to the outside air are my eyes sans glasses due to fogging.  I think I scare people.  :)

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