Feb 9, 2009

Moose Puzzle

My latest puzzle.  Based on a pattern found in the favored Scroll Saw magazine.  I mini-sized it.  You can't tell the scale from the picture, but it's about three inches in length.  And I cut most of it with a giant coping saw blade in the scroller.  I figured I'd need to swap out to the smallest blade for the piece cuts at least.  And I did use a 5(?) for the jigsaw cuts, but almost everything else was with the blunt force trauma that is a generic coping saw blade.

I'm pretty sure the wood is cedar or the like, and it's 3/4" -- which I swore off, but this one worked out.  I guess it's just 3/4" Maple that makes for the more frustrating cutting experience.

This is now officially my favorite puzzle.  Simple but not too easy, as well as pretty.  Will be hitting this with Tung oul and maybe a stain on the ground.

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