May 17, 2009

Waterpark Weekend

The whole family had an awesome (albeit exhausting) weekend soaking in hottubs, sliding down tubes, and floating along the lazy river.  Although Lily kept reminding us that the lazy river "wasn't so lazy" it was a great experience.

This weekend was Grandma & Grandpa's christmas present for the family and it was fun to get a treat so far from the season.

We ended the weekend by feasting at Famous Daves.  I'm ready for a nap!


Marcus3000 said...

Can you tell us what lens you used for the "dirty keyboard" shot. You said it was with the G1 Lumix?!?

Marcus3000 said...

I am considering geting the G1 but one of my passions is macro - super macro... my concern is... how close can i get with the lenses that already exist for the Lumix G1?

robert said...

That post and this one were both taken with a G1... phone, that is. It's the T-Mobile G1, not the Lumix. :)