Aug 1, 2009

Tweedle Dum

Day two of the build and I'm ready for fiberglassing.  Spent too much money at West Marine but I got the West System for glass and epoxy.  Mantra of my shopping at West and Home Depot was "this is for the workshop, not the boat" so my cost is still low. :)

Went with zipties instead of screws and I really like it so far.  Looks even better than the model!  Tubbier, but "smarter" somehow.

Just call me Jethro Gibbs.  :)


Jeff said...

My dory was a modified stich and glue (still had to have some temporaray frames) and I used zip ties as well. I thought it was easier to get the panels to pull together than using copper wire.

Are you just glassing the joints or are you covering the outside of the hull as well?

If you end up needing more epoxy, check out Raka. Their prices are shockingly lower than west. I do love wests squeegees though. Those things are amazing.

We're just heading out to the shop to glass the inside of a hull half. I think we'll go through about 8 gallons of epoxy and 80lbs of fiberglass. It's going to be a long night.

robert said...

I am glassing anything that's not solid surface, inside and out (seams, stitchpoints, etc.) and then going back and once the first run is cured I'll pop the stitches out.

After that I'm going to assess either glassing AGAIN (doubtful) or just fillet and epoxy in all the stitchspots. With plenty of sanding, of course.

I have a bunch of prettying up to do with trim and such, as well as some faux ribs inside that may add a minimal amount of strength.

That and I am epoxying the whole of the boat, every surface.