Nov 20, 2009

Catching Up: Finally!

I have finally caught up on all of my old photo albums! (click on the month to be taken to that month's albums..)

Another beautiful spring month. We went to Bear Lake once and Lake George once. We also went to Brainerd for a water park weekend, Grandmpa & Grandpa's Christmas gift to our family and Uncle Ted's family. Jill and I got to see Bloc Party live, and I got to go on a couple TNRs. Lily had a spring program at school, and we found some time to make some silly family movies.

Quite a month! I went on a couple TNRs. I also caught Crystal Method in concert at First Avenue. Lily really refined her biking skills, and we all got to go to Camp Kici Yapi for a family open house. But the big event was our trip to New York and Washington D.C. Lots of pictures, fun, stories, and exhaustion!

The big event was Jill's birthday BBQ. Two trips to Bear Lake and a trip to Lake George continued our travels for the month. We spent a day down in Rochester visiting with Uncle Jerry, Aunt Jean and Uncle Leo at Quarry Hill park and beyond. We got to see the cousins at home and at the cabin. We also attended the Rein in Sarcoma event at Como, a great experience! I began work on the Tweedledum, my homebrew boat. Finally, the kids attended a Children's Theater summer day camp complete with performance at the end of the week.

I completed the tweedledum and spent a weekend hanging with the scooter friends at a local rally. Two trips to Bear Lake including a stop to see the Lundbergs at their wonderful cabin. We were lucky enough to see the cousins again - and spend some time with them at the State Fair! Jill and I took her Mom to the Suzanne Vega concert, which we all really enjoyed. The kids had a last daycamp at Articulture with another performance at the end of the week. Finally, we began a new adventure with Lily changing schools to Lyndale, our new community school! (Eli will be changing next year)

The kids started school - Lily now takes the "walking bus" with other neighborhood kids. We went to Lake George for a weekend and launched the Tweedledum successfully! Our new favorite local restaurant is El Paraiso where they have monster Margarita's and great food. The new 38th Street Festival was a great hit, also. Finally, Robert and his scooter friends drove to CANADA for a long weekend. (And a long ride!)

Summer winds down with just a single trip to Bear Lake. We even saw some snow. Jill and Robert went to see Moby for an early anniversary and then for a late anniversary/birthday for Jill attended A Prairie Home Companion. We went to the Rennaisance festival with Jill's Mom. Finally, Halloween was a hit with our Ghost and Mermaid.

.. and that catches us up. Watch for more monthly summaries as the months roll by. I promise never to get this far behind again!

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