Feb 6, 2010

Visual Confusion

So I built a Telestereoscope once, and it kinda worked, but has always been a disappointment to me.

I've since read about pseudoscopes, and have decided I want to build one of those, as well. Funny thing about pseudoscopes is that they were invented by Charles Wheatstone, a concertina pioneer. Odd, how things come full circle sometimes.

Anyway, I pulled out the old Telestereoscope to goof around with it and somehow managed to calibrate it perfectly for a few minutes. WOW! I had an inkling of how cool it could be, but really managed to get it working quite well. I'm still going to rebuild it with an enclosed and easily adjustable system, but the one I started with can really do the job! It enhanced depth perception and makes the normal, everyday 3d world seem more.. 3d? Very cool indeed.

So the next step is to come up with a standard box for these optical jigs and start building!

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LoraM said...

Where can I get the scooter shirt?? That's awesome!