Apr 19, 2010

After You

More progress! Finally got enough woodwork done to feel I was ready to flip her and get started on the bottom glassing and such. Did some filleting and remembered how much I love the smell of epoxy. Seriously! It's a smell I associate with boatbuilding and it just puts me in a happy place. Sometimes quite literally, but we try and make sure it's ventilated.

She's on the trailer now so I can work in the garage and roll her out to the driveway for sanding - was grinding away on the chines today and had many folks stop to ask about her. At one point I'm off in lalaland sanding and when I turned off the orbital I jumped a foot in the air. There were four people standing there watching. They laughed and asked about the boat. Very friendly, but scared the hell out of me. :)

Really excited about the coming work. It's a bit of a grind, but it's a grind I know how to do. Hopefully will do it well, not poorly.


  • Cut the bunk - need to rework how that's going to be built. Need better access to the flotation storage.
  • Built the bulkhead, framed it, double backed it, cut the hatch. Made the whole boat as solid as a rock
  • Removed and reattached the rear transom. I wasn't happy with the warp it had. Is better now.
  • Stained the cabin wallboards. Another example of "just get it done" as well as a classic "I'll be in in just a few minutes" hour.
  • Got some stuff at Homer's, including acetone in order to remove the epoxy from my hands. And a huge box of gloves for future epoxy work. :)
All is well.

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