Apr 28, 2010


The map is not an accurate mileage, as the sampling was so low. Ironic that it accurately represents the speed. Go figure.

By Tom's odometer it was actually a 55 mile ride, ended at Anodyne, attended by Lora, Matt, Brad, Mark (not replacement Mark, he's just Mark now. Sorry left-us-for-something-better Mark.) Also, Tom, Brad and Bill (not Bill Gleason, and Bill after the roundabouts you're no noob!)

It's no secret we like roundabouts on the TNR. Last year Tom led us out to a two lane roundabout out in Woodbury, and since this route was heading out in that direction, we were going to hit it. Just before the last turn we were waiting at a stop and Matt yells "hey there's a roundabout up there." Here's the map. It's so new I couldn't find it on my planning. So we rode up and looped around a couple times. But then I noticed another one further on -- looked like a dead end, which would be awesome, as we'd have our own private roundabout. Nope. Not a dead end. Led to another roundabout. That kept happening. The ringed the new sports center. We all lost count in our delirium, but the group guess was five or six. By the time we got to the original roundabout we were giddy. Ecstatic. Thrilled. We had not only found a new roundabout -- we had discovered the breeding grounds!

The pictures are not that exciting, but I just liked the idea of a dealer plate on a scooter. (Need scoot mounted camera, maybe next week.) Often you see a cheesy looking guy in a really nice car and think he's got something successful going on -- and then you notice the dealer plate. It's a rash generalization, but often a fair one. :)

Also, one of the Marines I knew in California had a really really nice sports car. He was 18 or 19. His dad was a dealer. It had dealer plates. It was later wrapped neatly around a tree. Lucky for him, he was fine.

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